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November 14, 2018
Not sure how to start a small business? With a Soccajoeys franchise we’ve made it easy!
December 3, 2018
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What makes Soccajoeys one of Australia’s top franchise companies?

Since its kick off in 2007, Soccajoeys has risen to become one of the country’s top franchise companies. Developed by a team of childhood development experts we deliver our programs to over 35,000 children annually with over 300 classes in operation on a weekly basis over four terms annually.

With numbers like that you might be wondering how we’ve been able to become such a popular franchise opportunity for both investors and participants alike. The answer is quite simple, it comes down to our Franchisees reinforcing and advocating our core mission and values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be Australia’s leading kids sports franchise by developing skills for life for our participants.

The Australian lifestyle has always been an active one however, this assumption is being challenged with an over reliance on technology amongst our youth coupled with poor dietary habits.

Soccajoeys is on a mission to combat this trend by combining sports with childhood development, so as to instil a positive and active lifestyle amongst our participants.

Our ultimate goal is to see children avoid the health consequences of being inactive such as childhood obesity, and also see them improve their social, cognitive and fine motor skills.

As small business owners our Franchisees unwavering commitment to this mission has allowed for them, along with our coaches, to be mentors and positive role models to the next generation of Australian kids. We’re proud of our franchisees for advocating such a positive lifestyle and in turn making Soccajoeys such a popular franchise opportunity.

Our Values

Soccajoeys is dedicated to being a leading kids sports franchise by providing the best childhood development experience for participants and families alike. Everything we do is built upon our core values.

Trust & Integrity – Through carefully executed programs and support networks, we ensure that the Soccajoeys brand is held in high esteem.

Professionalism – Our culture is defined by our attention to detail and the exceptional delivery of our product to children and their families.

Collaboration – The collaborative nature of our network ensures that we deliver a product that always meets the needs and desires of our customers.

Development – We pride ourselves on developing the physical, social and cognitive aspects of participants through an all-inclusive soccer development program.

Our franchisees embody these values and advocate them in every interaction with both parents and kids alike. As a leading kids sports franchise we’re paving the way when it comes to the provision of sports programs for kids.

If you’d like to join our winning team and think you’ve got what it takes to be a small business owner and a Soccajoeys Franchisee, we’d love to hear from you. Contact a member of our Franchise Team on 1300 781 735 or email today.

For more Soccajoeys franchise information, download a copy of our Franchise Prospectus here.


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