About Soccajoeys

Established in 2007, we are an Australian-owned and operated community of soccer enthusiasts and fitness advocates. We are dedicated to supporting essential childhood development through fun kids’ activities, using the world’s most popular sport, soccer.

Physical, Social & Educational Development

Soccajoeys programs are designed to introduce your child to the early learning principles of soccer, along with increasing their physical and social development including coordination and communication. It’s about more than just developing your child’s control with the ball. At Soccajoeys, you will see your child learn to play soccer in a non-competitive setting that gives them a well-rounded start. In addition, these indoor activities for kids are guided by licensed professionals within an inclusive and dynamic environment to ensure that your child learns at his or her own pace.

and non-elite

Held in nurturing and fun environments

Aids in developing gross motor skills

Improves child’s self-esteem and confidence

Promotes social interaction with other children

Indoor settings with children-safe equipment


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