Our Childrens’ Soccer Classes

We offer a wide range of non-competitive childrens’ soccer classes so your child can develop valuable life skills through fun activities all year round.

Our programs are inclusive and we welcome boys and girls of all levels of experience.

Explore our childrens’ soccer programs

Our most popular ongoing childrens soccer programs include the MinisPreschoolJunior and Premier 
programs, where your child can learn to play soccer in a safe and inclusive indoor setting. We also offer programs for Daycare Centres, Holiday Programs, Schools and Birthday Parties.


(2.5 to 3 years)


(3 to 5 years)


(6 to 8 years)


(9 to 11 years)

Holiday Program

(5 to 12 years)

Daycare Program

(2.5 to 5 years)

Birthday Parties

A 1-hour action-packed party!

School Program

(Schools K-6)