Junior Soccer Program

Soccer for boys and girls aged 6 to 8 years old

The Soccajoeys Junior soccer program was created by popular demand for our Preschool program participants wishing to continue with the fun. While it builds on previous lessons, kids can join at any time. We welcome boys and girls of all experience levels.

Soccajoeys Junior Soccer - More Than Just A Soccer Program

Our Preschool classes loved Soccajoeys so much that they wanted to continue through to our Junior program. However anyone can join, including beginners and it’s a great way to build physical and social skills while having fun.

Best of all our soccer programs align with the Early Years Learning Framework

Why Join Soccajoeys?

Kids of all ages benefit from being physically active and involved in team sports. Soccer encompasses fun indoor activities for kids that:

  • – Continue to develop your child with increased physical and social skills sets
  • – Encourage children to develop and participate in sport
  • – Builds team interaction
  • – Develops your child through soccer
  • – Is non-competitive and non-elite

By playing fun soccer games that include specific actions and movements like striking and moving soccer balls, we see development in the following areas:

Rapid development of mental skills


Improved physical control incl. gross motor functions

Stronger communication skills

Learn through involvement and participation

Social awareness, friendships and teamwork

Build self-esteem and self-confidence

Got a question about our Junior Soccer Program?

Check out our FAQ page or contact us

Straight away the kids are learning the meaning & value of being part of a team, listening to correct soccer terminology & finally experiencing playing real games of soccer.

Sara and Ben


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