When you join a Soccajoeys franchise, you become part of the family. We will support you through every stage of your business.

Business Consulting and Mentoring Program

✓ We provide a 5-day intensive on-boarding program to educate franchisees in learning all facets of their business.

✓ Our Operation Specialists team provides business development training options for franchisees to build their leadership skill set.

✓ Our mentoring program provides extensive 24/7 support to help our franchisees build their business and gain confidence in their management of business tasks.

✓ We work closely with our established franchisees to help develop and expand their product portfolio as they progress through the stages of business growth.

Kids soccer franchise booklet by Soccajoeys


✓ Our marketing department is led by a seasoned marketing professional, and a team focused on building system-wide awareness while providing local marketing support.

✓ We provide professional, polished marketing materials that can be customised to include local information.

✓ Our in-house graphic designer is available for custom design needs – from brochures to car-wraps.

✓ We manage all online digital and social media.

✓ We provide professional imagery, messaging and video content.


✓ Bespoke Soccajoeys streamlined enrolment system for easy parent sign-up and payment.

✓ Custom-built communications portal for customer communication, which includes automated confirmation emails, regular newsletters, notifications, alerts and more.

✓ We source and supply all of the equipment, apparel and branded prizes needed to run your business.

✓ Online resources to help you train and onboard new coaches.

✓ Expert-approved and designed curriculum for your team to access and follow. Our curriculums are updated quarterly by our operations team.

Community and Partnerships

✓ Soccajoeys has an active franchise network that continuously provides input on marketing, technology and strategic decisions.

✓ Monthly tactical sessions with franchisees to share their best practices and learnings through online community hubs. 

✓ Soccajoeys partners with the Next Step Foundation, and provides funding opportunities to support children with disabilities gain access to free soccer programs.

We’re more than just sport. We believe fun kids’ activities like soccer can benefit a child for life in physical, social and educational development. Realise your dreams and fill out the form on this page.

Soccajoeys Franchise Enquiry Form

We welcome your interest in our Soccajoeys franchise. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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