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Premier Soccer Program

Soccer classes for boys and girls aged 9 to 11 years old

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The Premier 9-11 years soccer program was specifically created to help children continue their soccer journey with Soccajoeys. At this age, children start to fine-tune their skills and find their place in life. Soccajoeys supports children’s development and helps them excel in all aspects of life while having fun!

Soccajoeys Premier Soccer Program - Continue your Soccer Journey

The 9-11 year old age bracket is a pivotal time in your child’s development. The Soccajoeys Premier Program has been created to support and nurture your child during this time by providing active learning experiences that are hands on, challenging and engaging.

How the Soccajoeys Premier Program Supports Your Child’s Physical Development:

  • Muscular Development – As children experience a steady increase in large muscle development, strength, balance and coordination, the Premier Program incorporates exercises to strengthen these areas.
  • Energy Levels – The Premier program will cater to your child’s increasing energy levels.
  • Co-ordination – The Premier program considers the increase in small muscle coordination and we design skills to promote coordination.

How the Soccajoeys Premier Program Will Support Your Child’s Social & Emotional Development:

  • Mentors – Our coaches become mentors and role models. We invest time in establishing close unions to support your child’s maturing personality.
  • Group Work – We understand that children aged 9-11 prefer to work in groups in cooperative activities that’s why we focus on this during our classes
  • Decision Making – Children are developing decision-making skills and our program’s structure will strengthen these skills.

By playing fun soccer games and participating in drills and challenges, we see development in the following areas:

Rapid development of mental skills


Improved physical control incl. gross motor functions

Stronger communication skills

Learn through involvement and participation

Social awareness, friendships and teamwork

Build self-esteem and self-confidence

Any questions about our Premier Soccer Program?

Check out our FAQ page or contact us

Straight away the kids are learning the meaning & value of being part of a team, listening to correct soccer terminology & finally experiencing playing real games of soccer.

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