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School Soccer Program

Schools K-6

Soccajoeys school soccer program is designed to fit in with your school’s teaching requirements. We work with schools during PE class, and our program is designed to meet the requirements of the States’ Board of Studies K-6 PD/H/PE curriculum.

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Soccajoeys School Soccer Is More Than Just A Soccer Class

Boys and girls learn through fun and what better way than through the world’s most popular sport, soccer. Our 35-minute non-competitive classes are led by qualified FFA accredited coaches and align with the States Board of Studies K6 PD/H/PE curriculum. What’s more, our classes are full of fun games, instructional scrimmages, skill-based and social development activities! Why not try it for yourself? 

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School Soccer Learning Outcomes

  • We run on a termly basis in-line with the state schools and our dedicated coaches are experts in childhood development. Some of the outcomes you will see include:

    • – Physical, social and emotional growth and development patterns
    • – Building positive interpersonal relationships
    • – Understanding factors influencing personal health choices
    • – Adoption of an active lifestyle
    • – Fundamental movement patterns and coordination
    • – Skills that enable action for better health and movement outcomes

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We use the Soccajoeys program as part of our schools PD/H/PE curriculum. The professionalism of the organisation and coaches is of the highest order and the delivery of the program with its outcomes, excel our students

Mr John Koletti Principal – Mortdale Public School


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