Preschool Soccer Program

Boys and girls, 3 to 5 years old

Looking for fun kids’ activities that also focus on their development? Our non-competitive preschool soccer program welcomes children of all experience levels.

Soccajoeys Preschool Soccer - More Than Just A Soccer Class

Whether they already love soccer or have never kicked a ball before, our Preschool program offers 1-hour indoor classes run by accredited experts to build on your child’s physical and social development.

Why Join Soccajoeys?

Soccer encompasses fun indoor activities for kids that are:

  • – Non-competitive and non-elite
  • – Continuing your child’s development with increased physical and social skill sets
  • – Encouraging children to develop and participate in sport
  • – Building team interaction
  • – Developing your child through soccer

By playing fun soccer games and participating in drills and challenges, we see development in the following areas:

Attention and listening skills

Balance & co-ordination

Increased physical skills

Social awareness

Team interaction

Improved self-confidence

Got a question?

Check out our FAQ page or contact us

It was obvious to us on our first day of term that we were now involved in a real program that was actually preparing my children with the skills they needed to progress onto real soccer games.

Sara & Ben


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