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Minis Soccer Program

Toddlers soccer for boys and girls, 2.5 to 3 years old

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The Soccajoeys Minis Program sets children aged 2.5 – 3 years off in the right direction in childhood development and something we refer to as the ‘Guided Discovery’ phase in a child’s life. Children begin to take increasing responsibility for their health and physical wellbeing, and our program encourages this process. Simple problem-solving activities provide the perfect informal framework for motivating these youngsters to advance their basic attention building and listening skills.

Early Learning Through Discovery

The Soccajoeys Minis program is an excellent way to introduce sport to children in a fun and safe learning environment. Children become involved learners and progress from parent-supported participation to active, independent interaction.


Designed to be non-competitive and to foster each toddler’s natural growth and development, these classes focus on fun activities for kids. And parents watching a class will see smiles, hear laughter, and witness kids interacting with each other in ways that can expand from soccer to other activities and friendships.

More Than Just Fun

When your little ones learn to play soccer, we see them engage in simple problem-solving activities that assist in building valuable skills for life

Using fun drills and activities, toddlers learn how to control their bodies through running, jumping, starting, stopping, and becoming comfortable with movement. Kids love to challenge themselves, and our coaches are there to create opportunities for kids to experience individual and group success in a non-competitive environment.

In addition to gross physical movement, toddlers also learn how to kick and throw a ball, how to catch a ball, and how to balance and stand on their tiptoes. With increased physical awareness and comfort, toddlers are more confident in moving about in their environment on and off of the soccer pitch.

By playing fun soccer games that include specific actions and movements like striking and moving soccer balls, we see development in the following areas:

Attention and listening skills



Body control

Gross motor skills

Social awareness

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Soccajoeys is by far the best – professionally organised and meticulously run by dedicated and children-loving trainers! Thank you so very much from Oscar’s mother.



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