OOSH Kids Soccer Program

Soccer classes for boys and girls in grades K to 6

The Soccajoeys OOSH (Out Of School Hours) Kids Soccer Program has been created so children can experience the fun and enjoyment of the world’s most popular sport, soccer. This experience is for boys and girls in grades K to 6, where activities include fun games, instructional scrimmages and skill based activities. Coaches will encourage mutual understanding and team spirit as well as self-confidence,  while children learn respect and kindness towards themselves and others.

Soccajoeys OOSH Soccer Program -
For a perfect child development journey

Each Out Of School Hours soccer session is expertly planned and supported by outcome based training modules. As with all our kids soccer programs, these sessions are run by our trained and accredited coaches. Soccajoeys is not a soccer academy but rather a tailored, non-competitive and non-elite child-focused development program. Our program caters to children of all abilities and we pride ourselves on our inclusive practices.

Kids practicing soccer drills during a Soccajoeys football class

How it works

• The OOSH kids soccer program is run on a termly basis in-line with the States school curriculum
• Classes run for 35 minutes
• All equipment is provided
• A detailed assessment of all skills taught is available

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By playing fun soccer games and participating in drills and challenges, we see development in the following areas:

Rapid development of mental skills


Improved physical control incl. gross motor functions

Stronger communication skills

Learn through involvement and participation

Social awareness, friendships and teamwork

Build self-esteem and self-confidence

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