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December 11, 2018
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Kicking Goals: An Interview with our newly appointed Operations Manager Jose Bello


We sat down with Jose Bello, Soccajoeys Operations Manager, to talk about his new role, what a Soccajoeys franchise small business owner can experience when they join the network, and lots more!

With your new role as Operations Manager, what opportunities do you see for the franchise network in 2019?

Having been involved with the company since 2009, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the group grow and progress. This new role will allow me to invest more time in supporting franchisees and assist these small business owners in expanding their franchises while also improving program development and coach education.

How do you maintain Soccajoeys’ standing as one of top franchise companies in the childhood development industry?

Over the past ten years, Soccajoeys has maintained a highly professional approach to serving its community. We have established a customer-centric model that focusses on creating a positive experience for our customers. Our programs cater to children aged 2.5 – 11 years, and we have one of the most extensive product ranges in the childhood activity space.

As a top franchise company, we’re also dedicated to supporting children with special needs and their families. The Soccajoeys Next Step Foundation is the only one of its kind in Australia, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting the community.

Soccajoeys is continuously evolving and innovating, we understand the need to adapt to our ever-changing world, and we want to ensure that our children receive the best possible start to life and continue to stake our claim as one of Australia’s most popular franchise opportunities.

What do you think are the strengths of the Soccajoeys franchise that gives it a competitive edge and makes it a profitable business idea?

I have to respond in two parts. Firstly, Soccajoeys has a highly sophisticated and bespoke Franchise Management System (FMS) and CRM system which provides franchisees with an exceptional platform to manage their business. We also have a website that is user-friendly and provides our customers with a smooth and straightforward process of enrolment or inquiry. Soccajoeys also has an active Head Office team that attends calls, responds to questions, processes payments, and are always working in synergy with franchisees. Also, franchisees have an Operations Manager that offers hands-on support.

On top of this our marketing team works closely with franchisees, and they assist in creating new campaigns and marketing collateral that is specific to their territory’s needs.

Secondly, Soccajoeys now offers nine products, so that represents nine different revenue streams to grow and expand your business successfully, making it a truly profitable business idea. Our programs are updated each term and we also provide regular coach education seminars to ensure quality control in the execution of each program. Franchisees have all these support systems in place which then allows them to focus their attention on enrolments, marketing and safeguarding the customer experience.

What do you look for in franchise applicants? What makes a good fit?

Ideally, we are looking for individuals that are passionate and motivated by helping young children reach their potential. We want energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious Business owners that feel a connection with our purpose and are ready to make a positive impact in their community. You don’t need a Football background to join the Team, our Coach Education Program provide ongoing learning opportunities, but you do need strong Business ethics, the ability to lead a team and the confidence to establish partnerships with families and businesses in your local community.


To learn more about our popular franchise opportunities and why Soccajoeys is a great business idea, download a copy of our Franchise Prospectus. You can also contact a member of our Franchise Team on 1300 781 735 or email and make 2019 YOUR year!


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