Soccajoeys Foundation

Everyone can play.

We believe that every child should have access to fun kids’ activities and our soccer programs are no exception.

Being A Part Of A Team

Research has shown that participation in sport is crucial for the development of all children and this foundation supports our mission in developing life skills through fun indoor activities for kids.

Support For Growth

Our Foundation delivers programs to children aged 3 to 8 years old of all abilities and offers a high level of support and guidance. Participation also contributes to families building strong connections in the community as well as producing development benefits for participants.

The Soccajoeys Foundation builds inclusive pathways for disadvantaged children, indigenous children, and children requiring additional needs through tailored programs.

For more information about Soccajoeys Foundation,
contact us on 1300 781 735 or

Areas Of Focus

Encouraging speech and language skills

Increasing receptive language abilities

Developing friendships and social awareness

Improving gross motor planning

Understanding and adopting new concepts

Transitioning to mainstream activities


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